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February 20th, 2014 - Posted in Programming Ideas by Stephanie


Programming Inspiration is a weekly post to highlight, share, discuss, and build on the program ideas floating around in the CLRC region. This idea-sharing initiative originated with Hamilton Public Library Director Hilary Virgil along with a group of librarians who made a point of touring other libraries in the region. They came away inspired both about new programming ideas and reaching out to share these new ideas with their colleagues.

If your library has a unique program to share, or if you have an idea that’s been kicking around in your head, let us know about it and we’ll showcase your idea! Discussion about the programs in the comments section below is highly encouraged.


This week’s Programming Inspiration is an upcoming workshop at Skaneateles Library. The workshop is centered on a new resource that the library purchased: the library edition of the popular Used by novice and experienced genealogists alike, the resource combines a sharing/forum platform with multiple genealogical databases for users to search through.

The program is a smart one: the library has invested in a popular resource, and is showcasing the resources by holding a workshop for patrons. So why a workshop? There are certainly other ways of going about this: there are online tutorials, and librarians can certainly educate patrons one-on-one on using Ancestry’s databases. Workshops eliminate the duplicated effort of one-on-one instruction, but there is an additional layer of benefit to group learning that’s particular to the resource. It’s very likely that the people attending the workshop will have roots in the community to some extent, and therefore the first steps of this research will look very similar for a lot of Skaneateles’ patrons. The potential for sharing, learning, and connecting with each other during the workshop is encouragingly high!

This program also has the ability to give patrons the itch for genealogical research; a group that is notoriously ardent and ravenous in their search. Once their feet are wet in Ancestry’s databases, they’ll become users of local history resources in the library and beyond. Fantastic program!

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