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July 22nd, 2014 - Posted in News by Anna

This just in…

The New York Library Association announced the results of this year’s Council Election and two of CLRC’s finest are the winners!

Debby Emerson, CLRC Executive Director, has been voted in as the President-Elect from Nov. 2014 – Nov. 2015. Debby will then serve as NYLA President from Nov. 2015 – Nov. 2016.
Sue Kowalski, School Librarian, East Syracuse Minoa School District, was voted Councilor-at-Large and will serve from Nov. 2014 – Nov. 2017.

With Debby at the helm of the NYLA ship, we’re guaranteed smooth sailing during the rough times. And anyone who knows Sue, knows she does not need a megaphone when it comes to advocating for school libraries.

Here is what Debby and Sue said about NYLA in their campaign.

Deborah Emerson

The New York Library Association (NYLA) is vital on multiple levels. It is our advocacy organization, the “voice of the library community in New York State”. As such, NYLA works tirelessly to support library-positive legislation and raise awareness among our legislators. But first and foremost, NYLA is our professional association. It is because of your involvement in NYLA that you can easily connect with your library colleagues from all over the state. You get to meet up with them in person at least once a year at the annual conference, and more frequently if you’re involved with any of the many sections or roundtables. These opportunities to network with others in the profession are invaluable. Through your NYLA connections, you know who to call when you need help or when you want to bounce a new idea off of someone. NYLA is a whole network of professional consultants at your beck and call.

Thanks to a former colleague who convinced me to join NYLA while I was still in library school, and another who convinced me that the RASS board needed my help, I’ve been involved with the organization for more years than I care to admit. I have held several positions on both the ASLS and RASS boards, am a member of the Continuing Education Committee and the Legislative Committee, and served two terms on NYLA Council. Each of these roles has been a learning experience and has contributed to my professional growth, helping to prepare me for my current position as Executive Director of the Central New York Library Resources Council. I look at the NYLA Presidency as a way to give back to the organization that has been so helpful to me throughout my library career.

As your president, I would do my best to make sure all library workers – and libraries – understand the value of NYLA. If they are not already members, I would encourage them to join; and if they ARE members, I would help them find ways to be more involved. By listening to our members and prospective members, and being able to answer the “What’s in it for me?” question, we can help NYLA become an even stronger and more effective organization.

Susan Kowalski

Strong school libraries build strong students. It is our obligation, both personally and as a profession, to keep our stakeholders informed, educated, aware, and inspired by the impact of effective school library programs on teaching and learning. Advocacy through leadership and action will ensure that our partners fully comprehend how school libraries can empower success through literature, technology, and leadership. With the leadership of a certified full-time librarian, a school library program offers authentic and relevant connections to an entire school community. Effective school library programs are comprehensive, challenging, purposeful, integrated, and standards-based. They support academic excellence across all content areas, personal development, and prepare students to be career and college ready.

It will be my mission to align myself with partners in and beyond and the school library community to LEAD OUT LOUD and raise the level of awareness and advocate for the impact of strong school library programs run by a full time certified librarian.

I am the librarian at Pine Grove Middle School in East Syracuse, NY. I have been actively involved with NYLA, SSL, AASL, ALA through Executive Board Leadership (President SSL 2012), NYLA Council, numerous task forces, committees, projects, and events. Pine Grove Library was the recipient of the 2011 AASL National School Library Program of the Year and I was honored by ALA as an “I Love My Librarian” recipient in 2012.

Drop them an email to send wishes  or voice a concern.

And a hip-hip-hooray to our other elected representatives, as well!

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