The Central NY Library Resources Council supports libraries in Herkimer, Madison, Oneida & Onondaga counties and advocates for libraries everywhere!

The New York State Library provides funding for the provision of medical and consumer health information services for all types of libraries and library systems. These funds are administered regionally by the nine 3Rs of New York State.

This Medical Information Services Program (MISP), formerly known as the Medical Coupon Program, is most commonly used to subsidize payments for charges for medical interlibrary loans from Resource Libraries in the NN/LM and from the National Library of Medicine.

The primary need remains for the support of medical interlibrary loan for all types of libraries. CLRC libraries and library systems may use the MISP funds for:

For a list of the 165 libraries currently willing to provide document delivery outside of their region, click HERE

You may also search the National Network of Libraries of Medicine database, here. In the right column uncheck the boxes for “full members” and “affiliate members” so you search only for “resource libraries.” Click the button at the top of the column labeled “Search for Libraries.” The results are listed in order by state and city. The brief listing for each library has a link to additional information in the Library Profile. You may also search for an individual library by library institution name or OCLC symbol. The Library Profile listing will indicate whether the library is a Resource Library.

More information may be found on the New York State Library MISP page.