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Information professionals hold a wide variety of roles, some of which have complicated requirements and application procedures. Below, find information about different kinds of librarians and other information professionals in Central New York.
Be sure to also check out our Library and Archival Resources Center, a lending library full of professional development books. The LARC includes Jill Hurst-Wahl’s 2012 book, The Information and Knowledge Professional’s Career Handbook: Define and create your own success.

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 Research and consider joining different local, regional and national professional organizations.



Working in a Public Library

There are many different types of public libraries in New York State. You can read about each kind of type in detail on the New York State Library’s website here.

Municipal Public Libraries, School District Public Libraries, and Special District Public Libraries hire personnel based on Civil Service Law. Association Libraries do not. Out of the 68 public libraries in CLRC’s region, 41 are association libraries:


Frankfort Free Library, Little Falls Public Library, Middleville Free Library, Newport Free Library, Old Forge Library, Kirby Free Library of Salisbury


Sullivan Free Library in Bridgeport, Cazenovia Public Library, Sullivan Free Library, De Ruyter Free Library, Earlville Free Library, New Woodstock Free Library


Barneveld Free Library, Erwin Library & Institute, Bridgewater Free Library, Camden Library Association, Clayville Library Association, Kirkland Town Library, Holland Patent Free Library, Prospect Free Library, Didymus Thomas Library, Jervis Public Library Association, Sherrill-Kenwood Free Library, Utica Public Library, Vernon Public Library, Western Town Library, Woodgate Free Library


Maxwell Memorial Library, DeWitt Community Library Association, East Syracuse Free Library, Elbridge Free Library, Fayetteville Free Library, Jordan Bramley Library, Manlius Library, Marcellus Free Library, Salina Free Library, Minoa Library, Onondaga Free Library, Skaneateles Library Association, Fairmount Community Library Association, Tully Free Library

If you are applying for a full time position at a library not listed above, you may need to meet Civil Service requirements by passing a certain examination and being placed on the Eligible List. When a Civil Service position at a non-association public library is open, candidates must be selected from the Eligible List.

Civil Service exam offerings vary by county. Click on a county name to check exam availability and requirements: Herkimer / Madison / Oneida / Onondaga


Working in a School Library

Search for jobs in NYS Board of Cooperative Education (BOCES) systems here:

To be employed in a New York State public school, all teachers, administrators, pupil personnel service providers, and librarians must be certified by the New York State Education Department Office of Teaching Initiatives.

School librarians must also pass the following New York State Teachers Exams:

Language Arts and Sciences Test (LAST)
Assessment of Teaching SkillsWritten (ATS-W)
Content Specialty Test (CST) for Library Media Specialists

To see the steps for NYS certification, click here and select Classroom Teacher / Library Science / K-12 from the drop down menus.


Working in Archives or Special Collections

Archivists may be certified by the Academy of Certified Archivists. This certification has education and experience requirements and includes a comprehensive exam based on a long reading list of publications.


Working in a Hospital Library

Check out this Hospital Librarian Tookit from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.


Job Hunting Tips