The Central NY Library Resources Council supports libraries in Herkimer, Madison, Oneida & Onondaga counties and advocates for libraries everywhere!

Jeff Wooldridge, Chair
Mid-York Library System

Katy Benson
Maxwell Memorial Library

Nancy Howe
Baldwinsville Public Library

Janet Pease
Syracuse University

Heather Whalen-Smith
Cazenovia College

Debby Emerson, liaison

Finance Committee Charge
    The Finance Committee shall review the council’s annual budget as prepared by the Executive Director, and shall recommend a budget for presentation to the Board prior to May 1 of each year.
    The Committee shall monitor income and expenditures on an ongoing basis; shall review at least biennially the Council’s dues policy and structure; and shall review as necessary present programs as well as new initiatives for budgetary impact. The Committee shall make appropriate recommendations relating to these activities to the Board of Trustees.
    The Committee shall investigate and find sources of financial support other than that from State aid, including gifts, grants, and charges for services.

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