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Planning & Review Committee Charge

The major responsibility of the Planning & Review Committee is to assist the CLRC Board in assuring that CLRC activities work towards its mission. The committee will review the Mission statement annually and make appropriate recommendations to the Board.

The Planning & Review Committee will biannually review CLRC governance documents, policies and procedures. The Planning & Review Committee will also oversee the periodic review of Bylaw charges to each of CLRC’s committees, including any recommendations by committees for changes. The P&R Committee will forward any appropriate recommendations to the Board for consideration.

The Planning & Review Committee will review all proposals by members or Membership Committees for any new or revised activities or plans of action for consistency with the CLRC’s Five Year Plan and other relevant CLRC documents. Based on this review, the Planning & Review Committee will either return the proposal to the appropriate committee for further consideration or will forward it to the CLRC Board for action.

The Planning & Review Committee along with the Executive Director will be responsible for the annual of the Five Year Plan, with special emphasis on the upcoming fiscal year. Committee work will be guided by member input and needs, availability of fiscal resources, and changes in Commissioner’s Regulations and New York State law. The updated plan will be presented to the Board.

At five year intervals the Planning & Review Committee at the direction of the CLRC Board will develop and implement a strategic planning process that results in the Five Year Plan.

The Planning & Review Committee will establish such subcommittees as may be required for its work.


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