The Central NY Library Resources Council supports libraries in Herkimer, Madison, Oneida & Onondaga counties and advocates for libraries everywhere!

This is a map of our member libraries.  Our members are not just single libraries; several of our members are systems of libraries. So in addition to our more than fifty members, we also have hundreds of members-of-member libraries.

Pink indicates
a public library system.

Purple indicates
a school library system. 

Yellow indicates
an academic library. 

Aqua indicates
a hospital library. 

Green indicates
a special library.

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The map below shows the members of our five library-system members.

Pink indicates a public library system or single public library.

Purple indicates a school library, a member of one of our three BOCES:
Onondaga/Cortland/Madison BOCES School Library System, 
Oneida/Herkimer BOCES School Library System, & 
Madison/Oneida BOCES School Library System.

View CLRC System Members in a larger map