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   Liverpool Public Library is one of a select few libraries from across the country chosen to participate in a trial of a Kodak scanner this spring.   The Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System PS450 can scan up to thirty images per minute at a resolution of 300 or 600 dpi.  Images can be up to 36” long and 12” wide.  This scanner is marketed specifically to libraries.  It allows for public libraries to set up a credit card payment system so that the scanner may become a new source of funding, but Liverpool decided not to do this.

   The librarians in Liverpool have promoted the use of the Kodak scanner by encouraging groups that meet at the library, like a local genealogy group, to bring their photographs to their next meeting.  This resulted in a small increase at first, but after a few weeks of continued promotion, the scanner is seeing much more usage.

   Patrons walk up to the scanner, put a stack of pictures or documents in the loading tray, and click the “scan” button.  The scanner is quick and especially easy to use, with a large-font, very simple interface.  The library sells flash drives to patrons who do not have their own.  The patron may review the scans to make sure they’re correct and then upload the files to a flash drive.  From there, the patron may reserve one of the four work stations meant for media editing.  Besides these four computer work stations, Liverpool Public Library has 11 computers with internet browsers and the MS Office suite, two more that burn CDs, and three Macs.  Throughout the library there is also wi-fi.

   When entering the library, one sees a large LCD screen with a slide show advertising library events.  This is powered by the Scala sign channel.  A librarian can update one of the slides from a networked computer and the entire slide show will be refreshed within ten minutes.  For all of their event online registrations, Liverpool Public Library uses the Evanced Solutions calendar system.

   The library’s OPAC features both ChiliFresh and Novelist Select.  ChiliFresh allows patrons to review books in the OPAC and it aggregates all ChiliFresh reviews.  Novelist Select is an Ebsco Product that suggests other “titles like this” from the library’s collection and explains why it made such a suggestion.

   In the children’s room, a new miniature train called the Polaris Express has been installed to run a circuit around the reading area.  It was entirely funded by donations, including the engine, which was donated by local library systems company Polaris (hence the name, Polaris Express).  An entire month of programming was geared towards trains and the library was abuzz with train frenzy.  There are two trains that run one at a time around the track and one of the trains includes a cleaning car with a special piece of pumice stone to clean the track as it runs.

   Another special feature of the children’s room is Blarney Killarney the leprechaun.  He has his own home built into the wall with windows so that children can see how he lives.  He’s invisible, of course, because he’s only 132 years old (leprechauns are only visible after the age of 400!).  He has a mailbox for children to write letters to him, which seems to be very popular.  He answers the letters on his own blog as part of the “Kid’s World” section of the library’s website.  His answers are also printed out and stored in a binder next to his house so that children without internet access can still read his letters.  The library also scans the hand-drawn pictures submitted by children to include on Blarney’s blog.

   Click here to find out more about the Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System PS450.

   To find out more about the Liverpool Public Library, please visit their website.