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This project, Word on Women: A Directory of Historical Records Collections Documenting the History of Women in New York State, was designed as a research tool to document the contributions made by women throughout the State of New York in the fields of science, education, religion, art, medicine, and in numerous other walks of life. This directory improves the documentation of women and women’s organizations that, purposefully or not, contributed to events of the past that shape our present lives.

Originally produced in 1999, this resource guide contains entries from over 100 archives, libraries, historical societies, schools and other repositories holding historical records in which women are represented. Each entry contains a brief description of the repository’s holdings specific to women, contact information for the repository, and other useful information for researchers.

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Questions regarding The Word on Women may be directed to Déirdre Joyce.

Initial support for this directory came from the Central New York Library Resources Council, the Rochester Regional Library Council, the Western New York Library Resources Council and the Upstate History Alliance.

This directory is one of several publications prepared under the State of New York's Documentary Heritage Program.