Ask the HR Expert


The Central New York Library Council (CLRC) is excited to announce the creation of the “Ask the HR Expert”  Service. Modeled after the very successful “Ask the Lawyer” Service. CLRC has retained HMN Resources, LLC for CLRC and its members for timely input on employee relations, research, and HR document and policy development. 

To preserve confidentiality, questions sent to CLRC’s “Ask the HR Expert” service are sent directly to CLRC and HMN Resources, LLC for review and answers. Answers will come in either a confidential memo shared only with the inquiring library and the CLRC liaison, a training session, or in the form of public commentary shared with the member who inquired as well as being added to the collaborative “HR RAQ – Recently Asked Questions” page on the Western New York Library Resources Council (WNYLRC) website.

Before completing the form, school and public libraries should first contact their library system and HR office for guidance.

Please keep in mind: the “Ask the HR Expert” Service is not professional representation of your organization. By submitting a request, you are consenting to jointly seek advice with the Council. Immediately alert your human resources or legal department at your institution for assistance or contact your library system if issues arise that may be of a legal nature, have escalated, or if a matter is so specific or critical to your library.

Please complete the form and provide as much information as possible on the issue; but remember, you are jointly seeking the service with CLRC.

If you have documentation that would assist HMN Resources, LLC in answering your inquiry, you may upload files at the bottom of the form. Please note that the form cannot be saved and must be completed in one sitting.

“Ask the HR Expert” is not a legal service. Upon receipt of the form and review of the nature of your inquiry, HMN Resources, LLC may advise that you seek legal counsel.


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