LibraryWorks Webinar: Get 40 Marketing Resources in 60 Minutes for Your Library

December 2020

Thanks to a professional development grant from CLRC, I was able to attend a webinar called Get 40 Marketing Resources in 60 Minutes for Your Library​. The webinar discussed many marketing resources for libraries, which include: conferences, serials, websites, reports, ROI studies & data, value calculators, online tools & groups, non profit marketing blogs and books. We were given access to the webinar recording, handouts and slides on December 11, 2020.

Of the many resources available for library marketing, there were a few that stood out:

  • There is a conference for library staff who are into marketing! The conference is a great way to network with other library staff. Go to for more information!
  • Another resource that stood out is the Super Library Marketing website, This website offers promotional ideas for all kinds of libraries. For example, there are several guides to social media for libraries.
  • If you need funding and voter support for library projects, is a resource that you can utilize.
  • Two Value Calculators were discussed ~ one for public libraries, the other for special libraries. These calculators are great for patrons to see how much money they will save by going to their public library. I shared the Public Library Value Calculator on our Facebook page on 12/15/20. See the image below for a snapshot of the Facebook post. The link for the Value Calculator is:
  • There were several books suggested. During the webinar, I borrowed the book called ​Exactly What to Say​ by Phil M. Jones. This book explains that in order to get what you want, you have to know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. This book is great not only in the workplace, but in your personal life.

There were several takeaways from attending this webinar.

  • One takeaway is that marketing does not have to be done alone! We have plenty of help and support through grants, groups (especially Facebook groups), blogs and books. We are even able to network with other library staff at conferences!
  • This webinar has given me a better understanding of appropriate tools that my colleagues and I will use for marketing, which will make our library better!
  • In the upcoming weeks, I will be looking at the resources that were provided in more detail. As I use these resources, I will have a stronger background in marketing for our library.
  • I also learned that libraries aren’t going anywhere. According to the ​Gallup Poll on Library Visits, Dec. 2019​: In 2019, library visits surpassed trips to the movies!

If you would like to know more about my experience, or if you want more information, please contact me at ​​ or at (315) 736-9734 ext. 214.

Christina Paniccia

Librarian, Dunham Public Library

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