LOEX Conference
Naperville, IL

May 2024

I attended the LOEX Conference which focuses on new topics and strategies for teaching information literacy. With this grant, I was able to travel to Naperville, Illinois to attend LOEX. I learned more about new topics in the field and various ways to teach information literacy skills while also meeting other career professionals. As a graduate student, this was beneficial for learning how conferences operate and for my growth as an information literacy professional. As an Information Literacy Scholar at Syracuse University, I focus on effectively teaching information literacy skills to undergraduate students. At LOEX, I learned about how people utilize generative AI in their classes and how they are teaching it. A lesson that I found engaging and useful was a lesson that focused on Taylor Swift. This lesson took a neutral approach and taught the students how to create prompts. Their prompt focused on Taylor Swift’s influence on pop culture in 2024 and to provide sources. The results from this prompt included dated information, misquotes, and incorrect sources. Double checking the results from the prompt is an effective way to teach information literacy skills while utilizing these new tools. Attending LOEX was beneficial for my professional development and enabled me to learn new teaching strategies.

Emily Warfield

Information Literacy Scholar, Syracuse University

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