2021 Recovery Grant

The Board of Directors of the Central New York Library Resources Council (CLRC) wants to recognize and support our libraries recovering from losses associated with the previous year.

They have authorized $100,000 to offer members up to $5,000 in unrestricted grants to be used for any purpose that helps a library recover from cuts or unforeseen expenditures that began in March 2020. Funds may be used at the discretion of the applicant.

This grant cycle will begin on April 1 and applications will be accepted until May 14, at which point the CLRC LRS Committee will review and award grants based on need and urgency. Funds will be distributed by July 1.


  • Any library (including individual school and public libraries) or library system that is a member of CLRC is eligible.
  • Each individual library can only receive one grant.

Recipients of this grant are required to spend the funds and complete a final report within six months of receiving the funds.

If you’d like to learn more about the approval process, what we’re looking for in your application, and get answers to some frequently asked questions you can view the recording of the April 13 Tuesday at Ten where our director, Marc Wildman, discusses this new grant.

Watch the Recording

If you have any questions please contact Marc Wildman at mwildman@clrc.org.