Professional Development Awards

CLRC is happy to provide awards to our members for professional development opportunities.

The Professional Development Awards are typically small grants that help support attendance at local or regional conferences and workshops. Funds may also be requested to underwrite a portion of the cost of attending a larger conference or event. For the foreseeable future, we’d also like to extend these grant opportunities to cover the attendance of virtual webinars, workshops, and conferences. Please carefully review the rules and requirements listed below before submitting your application.

For the foreseeable future, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please apply at least two weeks prior to the event you would like the grant to support.

Rules and Requirements

  • Candidates must be employed at an information organization that is a member of the Central New York Library Resources Council. View our member directory here.
  • Candidates must not have received an award from CLRC within the past year.
  • Candidates must submit their resume and a letter of support from their supervisor.
  • Applications are currently being accepting on a rolling basis.
  • Please submit one application per person. For example, if you plan on attending a conference with a colleague each person should have their own separate application.
  • Awards will range in size and are dependent on available funding. Frugality is encouraged and appreciated, but please be realistic in your estimates. Click here to download an expense estimate spreadsheet.
  • CLRC may award the full amount requested or only a part. In either case, the applicant must use the award for the stated purpose.
  • Funds will be provided on submission of receipts after the purchase or event takes place. For certain travel expenses, CLRC may be able to provide funding in advance or purchase directly (but this must be discussed in advance). Receipts must be submitted to Rebecca Kluberdanz at
  • Receipts must be accompanied by a report, which CLRC may share, detailing the benefits of the event or opportunity. Images and graphics are encouraged (including you at the event/opportunity). View the Conference Takeaways below or download the report from CLRC’s first Professional Development Award recipient, Ruth Owens, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, to get a sense of what should be included. Reports must be submitted via Google Form.
  • The deadline to submit your report and receipts is 30 business days from the last day of the event. You risk not being reimbursed if your documents are submitted after that date.

Conference Takeways

Simcha Glassman, CLRC Professional Development Award Recipient, Talks About the Library Juice Academy Online Course: Introduction to Collection Analysis

I am so very grateful for the Professional Development Award I was awarded from CLRC, which allowed me to take this very informative online course. Collection analysis is a very important task that librarians must perform in order to insure that the collections we are sharing are diverse and contain accurate, up-to-date information.

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