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Well-organized Twitter chats—ones that provide a worthwhile conversation amid the noise of the Twitterverse—can humanize your brand. In this course, learn how set up and execute a Twitter chat that piques the interest of your customers and drums up enthusiasm for your organization, increasing leads. To begin, learn about the basic features of a Twitter chat. Next, develop a winning strategy: define your theme, goals, and audience, and select the perfect hashtag and host. Then, work out your chat topics and questions, choose and prepare your guests, and set and share rules of conduct. You’ll also learn how to promote your chat by sharing it across channels, sending reminders, and including visual media. To wrap up, discover how to measure your success by analyzing your results.

Topics include:

  • Developing a strategy
  • Interacting with chat participants and guests
  • Sharing rules of conduct
  • Promoting your Twitter chat
  • Participating in other relevant Twitter chats
  • Using metrics to monitor your results

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