Real People. Real Dollars is an effort to drive more library advocates to the NYLA Online Advocacy Center and increase awareness of Library Advocacy Day. Originally started by the Mid-Hudson Library System in 2016, now going statewide!

Libraries from across the state are being called to participate in the 2018 Real People. Real Dollars. campaign. Investing in libraries has a big return on investment for the communities they serve, help us tell that story in pictures as we prepare for Library Advocacy Day on February 28!

How To Participate:
1. Work with an avid library user or family of avid library users to calculate how much they save in a year using the NYLA Library Use Value Calculator.

2. Create a savings sign for the individual or family to hold and take their photo.

4. Upload your photos to the Google Drive Folder.

Photos must be labeled LibraryName_PhotoNumber (ex. AlbanyPublicLibrary_1)

Don’t forget to post to your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with a message telling the story of the picture and push your followers to use the NYLA Online Advocacy Center to reach out to their legislators.