CLRC strongly encourages Central New York libraries, archives, and museums who qualify to consider the following opportunities from the new Documentary Heritage & Preservation Services program. In addition to help from the program coordinator, please feel free to ask us for any advice or assistance you may need regarding these programs. CLRC provides local, custom-tailored support for its members cultural heritage services.

The deadline to apply for DHPSNY’s free planning and assessment services is quickly approaching! Eligible New York institutions should submit all materials by Friday, October 14, 2016.

DHPSNY currently offers services in three major areas: archival needs assessmentspreservation and conservation surveys, and strategic planning assistance. These services aim to improve adherence to best practices and are tailored to an organization’s unique circumstances.

Staff is available to assist you in completing the application forms. Contact DHPSNY Program Coordinator Anastasia Matijkiw for assistance, questions about eligibility, or additional information at (215) 545-0613 or

Archival Needs Assessments

An archival needs assessment will thoroughly examine your archival program, identifying and addressing specific organizational needs. Our assessments are conducted by an experienced archivist with needs assessment expertise. The assessment will pinpoint problems, recommend solutions, set priorities, and guide the development of your archival program.

Click here for additional program details, applicant requirements, and details on submitting application materials.

Preservation and Conservation Surveys

Preservation surveys focus on preventive care and mitigating deterioration and damage by analyzing policies, practices, and conditions in an institution and their impact on collections. A preservation survey is a valuable tool in fundraising for collections care and often a prerequisite for grants and other funding opportunities. Where appropriate, DHPSNY will offer institutions a conservation survey (an evaluation of materials in a specific collection or collections performed by a trained conservator) in place of a preservation survey.

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Strategic Planning

DHPSNY has worked closely with the New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON) to develop a curriculum geared specifically toward assisting small- to medium-sized institutions with engaging in strategic planning in a thoughtful way. This curriculum consists of two webinars administered approximately four months apart, with assignments and a retreat occurring between the two webinars. The product of strategic planning is a document that establishes a common vision, an outline of strategic goals and objectives, recommendations for the effective allocation of resources, and an organizational structure that will support the work of implementation.

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