Several CLRC member libraries plan and hold annual Human Library events, including:Human Library

To see upcoming Human Library events in the CLRC region, check back here and in our news posts.

What is a Human Library?

The Human Library concept is about offering people as books, a sort of Human Books. “Books” are lent out to curious readers who will ask them questions and challenge their perceptions on different groups in the community.

Books typically have titles that represent a stigmatized or stereotyped group of people in the community. This could be a religious minority, a sexual minority or other members of the community who are exposed to general misconceptions, stigma, stereotyping and or prejudice.

The purpose is to challenge what we think we know about other members of the community and to challenge our stereotypes and prejudices in a positive framework, where difficult questions are accepted, expected and appreciated.

CLRC’s Human Library Planning Group

Interested in holding a Human Library event at your institution or in sharing your experience planning a Human Library event (and hearing from others who plan similar events)? Join our Human Library planning group! Members include librarians at the institutions listed above. Email to find out more and to have your name added to our list.