Webinar Description:

Have you been asked to give a presentation and do not know how to prepare for it? Have you given a presentation and are unsatisfied with how it went? Are you interested in ideas on how to engage the audience? If yes, then this webinar is for you! Come and learn how to think about your online and face-to-face presentations and training sessions. You will leave with new skills, including a few easy tips and tricks, in effective presentation design and powerful workshop delivery.

Learning Objectives: After this session, participants will be able to:

  •         Think about the role of the proposal and what it should include.
  •         Consider the needs of their audience and what that means for the session’s design (and your style/setting).
  •         Understand the roles (e.g., producer, tech support, moderator, or host) involved in a presentation and their effect on its outcome.
  •         Envision methods for audience engagement.
  •         Prepare for the unexpected – technical and otherwise – during the webinar.

Intended Audience:  Anyone who is interested in giving a conference presentation, webinar or face-to-face training session, or who wants to improve their techniques.  In other words, first-time and experienced presenters are welcome.

About the Presenter:

Jill Hurst-Wahl is a consultant, speaker, writer, and educator. She has given many conference presentations and keynotes, classroom and online lectures, and webinars…and helped others to do the same. She knows that being “at the front of the room” can be uncomfortable, but also knows that the correct preparations can help any presenter deliver what the audience needs and desires. Jill can be found online at www.HurstAssociates.com and www.Digitization101.com.

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