Committees and Special Interest Groups

CLRC members can get involved in governance of the organization through CLRC’s variety of Standing and Ad Hoc Committees and Special Interest Groups. Members of committees and interest groups come from all types of libraries and cultural heritage organizations in the region and reflect the diversity of the CLRC membership.

Standing Committees are those that are necessary for carrying out the Council’s regular activities. These are decision-making groups that set policies and guide the direction of the Council. They are provided for by the Central NY Library Resources Council Trustees’ Bylaws, as amended 12/12/2013. Members are appointed to committees based on their experience with and interest in the areas relevant to the committee and the constituency represented by the appointee. Composition of the standing committees should reflect the membership of the Council.
Committee membership terms are 5 years with a limit of 2 consecutive full terms unless determined otherwise by the CLRC Board of Trustees. The term for a Committee Chair is 2 years, with a limit of two consecutive full terms.

Standing committees include:

Executive Committee

Finance Committee

Nominating and Board Development Committee

Planning and Review Committee

The Board has also determined that the Library Resources and Services Committee should function as a standing committee.

Ad Hoc committees are formed as necessary to carry on the work of the Council. They help plan specific projects and events and their meeting schedules often revolve around those events. These are working groups and membership is based on an individual’s interest in the work of the committee. Like Standing Committees, the Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces are ideally representative of the Council’s diverse membership.

Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces include:

Human Library Planning Group

State Fair Planning Group

Legislative Committee

Library Assistant’s Day Planning Team

CLRC’s Special Interest Groups provide a forum for members with common interests to meet and discuss relevant topics. Any member can start a special interest group and any member can join a group. CLRC will provide meeting space and assist with logistical arrangements and publicity. Special interest groups may also plan programs or workshops with financial support from CLRC. They often make suggestions and recommendations for programming and services. CLRC staff are available to facilitate meetings of special interest groups, or the groups may choose to run their own meetings.

Current CLRC Special Interest Groups include:

  • Continuing Education
  • Digitization
  • Early Career Professionals
  • Hospital Library Group
  • Resource Sharing
  • Usage Statistics

Anyone with an interest in joining a CLRC committee or interest group should contact us at 315-446-5446 or email us at and let us know how you’d like to be involved.