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The Central New York Library Resources Council empowers its members by providing support, programs, and advocacy, resulting in stronger libraries and communities within the region. Libraries, institutions with library or archival holdings but without access to system services, and individuals wanting to take advantage of the programs and services of the Central New York Library Resources Council can become members. CLRC membership is open to all types of libraries and individuals in the four-county service area which includes Herkimer, Madison, Oneida, and Onondaga Counties.

There are five different membership levels: Full, Affiliate, Cultural Heritage, Personal, and Contracted Circuit Hospitals. Descriptions of each membership level are provided below as well as a table listing available services.

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact executive director, Marc Wildman at You can also view a full list of our members here.

The Full Membership level is for libraries that meeting the follow criteria:

  • employ an appropriate information specialist responsible for supervising library collections and service,
  • have minimum holdings of 2,000 bibliographically-controlled titles,
  • agree to share library resources through ILL in accordance with Council policies and procedures, and
  • spend at least $5,000 annually on library materials.

The Affiliate Membership level is for organizations such as:

  • institutions who do not qualify and are not seeking full membership,
  • historical records repositories and associations such as historical societies or museums,
  • friends’ organizations, or
  • newly-created libraries still developing collection and services structure.

The Cultural Heritage membership level is for organizations such as:

  • non-library organizations and historial associations,
  • museums,
  • friends’ organzations, or
  • historical records repositories.

The Personal Membership level is for:

  • any individual who lives or works within the CLRC service area wishing to actively participate in continuing education opportunities, committee work, and special interest groups.

The Hospital Membership level is for:

  • hospitals and medical institutions in the CLRC service area wishing to participate in the HLSP fund program.

To learn more visit the Health@CLRC page.

Services Full Membership Affiliate Membership Cultural Heritage Membership Personal Membership Contracted Circuit Hospitals
Ask the Lawyer      
Cataloging Updates    
Committee Participation
Coordination Collection Development Aid (CCDA – Academic Only)        
Cultural Heritage Consultations    
Cultural Heritage Continuing Education  
Digital Dark Archive Storage Service      
Digitization Equipment Loans    
Eligible for Grant Opporunities    
Empire Library Delivery (ELD)      
Host Traveling Exhibits  
Interlibrary Loan
Library Awards  
Medical Information Services Program    
Participation in Empire Archival Discovery Cooperative (ADC)      
Participation in New York Heritage    
Participation in New York State Historic Newspapers    
Professional Development/Continuing Education  
Resources Description and Access (RDA) Discount        
Resource Sharing Services (OCLC Referrals)  
Skillshare & Treehouse    
Special Interest Groups
Voting Rights