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Join Us the Second Tuesday at Ten!

Staying connected is important during this unprecedented time. CLRC is looking to stay engaged with our members by offering the library community an opportunity to chat, discuss, and check-in with colleagues around the region. Please join us for our weekly online Zoom meeting every Tuesday. Call in to say hi, ask questions, provide updates, and talk to your fellow library people!

Anne Nassar Discusses New Initiatives Grant Project, “Paint Your Masterpiece”

We hosted a Paint Party via Zoom on December the 2nd, from 6-7 PM. The teacher was Jill Rae Vennera, of Easels on the Gogh. We gave away 20 8 x 10 canvases, each with two brushes and five containers of paint. Attendance was actually 26, because some people had their own supplies. We received lots of positive feedback from the attendees and requests for another program.

Join CLRC’s Sustainability SIG!

This group meets to discuss how best to reach our community to convey a sense of urgency regarding the state of our planet. Our focus is on the three pillars of sustainability: sustainable practices are environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically feasible.

Webinar: Creating Cultures of Radical Vulnerability and Empathy in Libraries

Through the lens of trauma-informed librarianship, this webinar will explore how librarians and library workers can create library cultures that center radical vulnerability and empathy as a pathway towards collective wellness, healing, and authenticity. We’ll unpack how LIS work cultures normalize and perpetuate ableism, pushing library workers and librarians who are survivors and/or have experienced trauma out of the field. As a community, we will learn about and discuss how we can be more intentional, authentic, and supportive of ourselves and our colleagues/comrades through practicing radical vulnerability and empathy.

Kayla Kent, CLRC Professional Development Award Recipient, Talks About NYLA’s Library Skills Academy

The Library Skills Academy was very informative in providing a history of libraries and an in-depth look at library operations. I gained a strong understanding of customer service and how I can apply it in the academic setting.

Kathleen Salsbury, CLRC Professional Development Award Recipient, Talks About the 2021 American Library Association Conference & Exhibition

Thanks to the generosity of CLRC, I was able to attend my first-ever American Library Association conference (virtually).

Webinar: Instructional Design Basics for Teaching in Any Mode

Whether you are teaching in-person, online, or some ever-changing combination of the two, it’s essential to start with effective instructional design and a solid plan (and backup plan!) for delivering your learning experience. In this webinar, we’ll cover best practices for planning out instruction that meets your learners’ needs while letting you remain flexible. We’ll talk about backward design and the elements of a learning experience, including practical tips on formats and delivery.

Webinar: Programming Revolution – There Is No Box, So Now What?

In our increasingly changeable world, it can be a struggle for your library’s programming to keep up with your patrons’ needs. You can no longer just think outside of the box because the box has disappeared. Whether virtual, in person, or a hybrid mix, whatever type of programming you are striving to achieve and whatever type of library system you work for this webinar can provide concrete unique solutions for you.

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Resource Sharing

We provide shared access to library services.  Members can request an interlibrary loan, copy cataloging, or access medical resources.

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We provide shared access to library services.  Members can request an interlibrary loan, copy cataloging, or access medical resources.

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We offer opportunities to learn new skills.  Members can attend our workshops and webinars, or apply for Professional Development Grants.