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CLRC Office CLOSED Until Further Notice

CLRC has decided to close our physical office space until further notice. For more information regarding the pandemic visit CLRC’s new COVID-19 Resources and Updates page, accessible from the Services tab of the main menu of our website.

Join Us the Second Tuesday at Ten!

Staying connected is important during this unprecedented time. CLRC is looking to stay engaged with our members by offering the library community an opportunity to chat, discuss, and check-in with colleagues around the region. Please join us for our weekly online Zoom meeting every Tuesday. Call in to say hi, ask questions, provide updates, and talk to your fellow library people!

Webinar: SMART Goals – A How-To, Hands-On Working Session

When creating project, team, or organizational goals, we are often told to make them SMART. This 90-minute working session will teach you about SMART goals. In other words, how do you make them specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based, without making them unreasonable?

Webinar: I Didn’t Sign Up For This – Creating an Effective Pandemic Operation Plan

Pandemic librarianship is a challenge. Many of us in leadership are thinking, “This is not what I signed up for.” However, it is our job to rise to challenges and guide our organization forward. We do that through planning. A plan for library service during a pandemic is paramount, and for some of us, it is now mandated.

Webinar: Program Possibilities for Today – 30 Ideas in 60 Minutes

Virtual programming takes time to reach patrons, but can be well worth the effort. Are you looking for ways to engage patrons through virtual programming? Enjoy this webinar with over 30 ideas of popular events that can transfer to online programs.

Mary Klucznik Discusses New Initiatives Grant Project, “New Media: The Silent Generation”

New Initiatives Grant Final Report "New Media: The Silent Generation" Please provide a brief narrative explaining your project and its outcomes. In the fall of 2019 we offered a new course titled, NEW MEDIA During our initial class meeting we surveyed students to...

Melissa Lewandowski, CLRC Professional Development Award Recipient, Talks About the New York Library Association Conference

Thanks to a Professional Development grant through CLRC, I was able to attend the 2020 New York Library Association Annual Conference virtually. This conference offered a wide variety of professional development programs to attend and I am looking forward to trying some of the things I learned and ideas I got at my library.

Jaime Dudajek-Burgdoff, CLRC Professional Development Award Recipient, Talks About the Equity in Action Webinar Series

Thanks to the Central New York Library Resources Council Professional Development Grant, I was able to attend a three-part webinar series offered by the Library Journal and School Library Journal entitled “Equity in Action: Building Diverse Collections”.

Elizabeth Hartnett, CLRC Professional Development Award Recipient, Talks About the American Association of School Librarians Conference

In November of 2019 I was able to attend the AASL 2019 conference in Louisville, Kentucky with the financial assistance of CLRC. This was the first national library conference I have ever been able to attend.

Help Needed for BOCES SLS Battle of the Books

O²CM BOCES SLS is looking for help in writing their regional 2019-2020 Battle of the Book questions. If you have read any of these books, please consider submitting questions to ask the students. All questions should start with "In which book . . . " Please use the...

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We provide shared access to library services.  Members can request an interlibrary loan, copy cataloging, or access medical resources.

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We offer opportunities to learn new skills.  Members can attend our workshops and webinars, or apply for Professional Development Grants.