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Join Us the Second Tuesday at Ten!

Staying connected is important during this unprecedented time. CLRC is looking to stay engaged with our members by offering the library community an opportunity to chat, discuss, and check-in with colleagues around the region. Please join us for our weekly online Zoom meeting every Tuesday. Call in to say hi, ask questions, provide updates, and talk to your fellow library people!

Join CLRC’s Sustainability SIG!

This group meets to discuss how best to reach our community to convey a sense of urgency regarding the state of our planet. Our focus is on the three pillars of sustainability: sustainable practices are environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically feasible.

Julia Schult Discusses New Initiatives Grant Project, “Baldwinsville Library VR Tour Kit”

We used our grant to acquire equipment to create a BPL Virtual Reality Tour kit. The kit is available for organizations and businesses to check out, so they can make a VR Tour and post it online.

Michele Heintz, CLRC Professional Development Award Recipient, Talks about the RUSA Online Course: Inside Interlibrary Loan

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to take this online course thanks to a CLRC Professional Development Award. During four weeks of online discussions and research, I learned about the history of interlibrary loan and codes, copyright compliance, ILL policies and procedures, and impacts on modern ILL services.

Webinar Introduction to Writing for the Web

The webinar will help provide you with practice in how to format content and create something that is a bit more concise and user-friendly for people.  During the webinar,  we will explore how people read online and how writing content can make it easier for them to find the information they need. It will involve looking at content examples that are difficult to understand and read online and to reformat it to make it easier for people to read.

Webinar: Mental Health & Wellness 101 with the Mental Health Association in New York State

Mental Health and Wellness 101 helps participants to understand mental health in a holistic context and utilize basic mental health awareness in order to self-care and help others.

ESLN Services Webinar Series

On the last Friday of each month at 10 a.m. starting on January 28, 2022, come meet ESLN staff and service providers. We’ll be covering such topics as New York Heritage, Ask the Lawyer, Empire Library Delivery, and more!

Webinar: Blogging as Librarians

Are you interested in learning how to share your experiences as a library staff member in a creative and powerful way? Come join a panel discussion with three contributors to the ACRLog as we discuss the benefits of blogging! 

Our Services


Resource Sharing

We provide shared access to library services.  Members can request an interlibrary loan, copy cataloging, or access medical resources.

Cultural Heritage Services

We provide shared access to library services.  Members can request an interlibrary loan, copy cataloging, or access medical resources.

Continuing Education

We offer opportunities to learn new skills.  Members can attend our workshops and webinars, or apply for Professional Development Grants.