New Initiatives Grant Final Report

“STARLAB Roving Planetarium Visits Syracuse City Libraries”

Please provide a brief narrative explaining your projects and its outcomes.

Starlab Planetarium Adventures roving planetarium operated by STEM educator Chris Grubb presented programs at seven Syracuse libraries July 8 &9, 2019. The programs complemented the New York State Summer Reading Program Theme, “Universe of Stories”. Youth ages 6-16 were brought inside the planetarium where the night sky was projected on the ceiling and walls of an inflated dome. Chris Grubb’s talk included a demonstration of the earth’s orbit showing the zodiac constellations described as a circle of animals and a calendar of ancient times. Chris told “star stories” related to the constellations and encouraged children to think about and create their own star stories.

Outcomes: 126 youth experienced the STARLAB planetarium. Their impressions of the experience were positive and the library was able to build its reputation in the community for providing quality, innovative, educational summer programming.

What is the most remarkable accomplishment or finding of your project?

With this high quality program, were able to forge deeper bonds with patrons and community organizations. The Salvation Army Summer Daycamp attended the Beauchamp Branch Library event. Students enrolled in the Summer School programs at Dr. Weeks School were able to attend the Northeast Community Center Program accompanied by five teen counselors At Mundy Branch LaLiga, Brady Faith Summer Program students were invited to attend.

Carol Johnson

Branch Manager, OCPL Hazard Branch Library

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