Workshop Description:

Join a representative of WHOLE ME, Inc. for this in-person workshop! Participants will learn:

  • The manual alphabet,
  • Tips for communicating with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals, including resources such as cell phone apps for on-the-spot communication,
  • Where to take ASL classes,
  • Resources on learning more ASL and
  • How you can support a Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing member with accessibility, such as providing interpreters for events hosted by the library, etc.

About WHOLE ME, Inc.:

WHOLE ME, Inc. provides programs and services focusing on the whole person; each participant is given an array of opportunities, including personal and professional skills that will enhance everyday living. Learn more about our programs here!

WHOLE ME believes that every person has the right to equal access to communication in order to make fully-informed choices and decisions in all aspects of life. We believe when the family, friends, school, and community members come together we all benefit!

This is an IN-PERSON workshop. Registration closes on April 24 @ 5 p.m.

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